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JS Academy for the Deaf is a project of the NOOR-E-ALI TRUST & CDGK supported by Mahvash & Jahangir Siddiqui Foundation which is a non-profit organization and has Tax Exemption provision. JS Academy's main aim is to teach the deaf and hearing impaired children to read, write & communicate in their own language which is the Sign Language. We partner with other professionals in the field, collaborate with Government Department dealing with Special Education, conduct research in Sign Language and share our resources with the deaf institutions in the country with a hope of bridging the gap in deaf education and improve the status quo. .

The school has been operational since 2004 and has achieved a very high ranking in providing Quality Education to both deaf boys and girls. The school is professionally managed by a governing body and supervised by the Board of Trustees. The school is officially registered with the Government of Sindh Literacy and Education Department as well as with the Intermediate Board of Education. JS Academy is entirely dependent on charity. In a given year, we serve up to 150 families who have deaf children in their homes. Most of our students are heavily subsidized and assistance is made possible through donations received from caring & generous individuals, philanthropists and Business Organizations in the community

Jinnah’s Message

Message to the All Pakistan Educational Conference at Karachi from Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. 27 November 1947. “I welcome you all to the Capital of Pakistan”

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Chairperson's Message

We believe in multi- intelligence. It means everybody is intelligent and the deaf are also same; they need different approaches to show their potential and enhance their capabilities. The object of our school is to research those approaches, areas and methods which ensure sharpening their intelligence, and practicing the same; this is our mission...

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Principal’s Message

I am feeling proud to share the mission of Js Academy for the Deaf. It is to provide quality education to deaf people. We believe that the deaf are equally competent and efficient.

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